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Chace crawford bisexual jc chasez

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The fact of the matter is I’m a straight guy and I’m allowed to have [guy] friends.” JC Chasez Calls Chace Crawford Rumors ‘Annoying’ [people] (image source). Back off, gossip girls. Former ‘N Sync star JC Chasez says he’s sick of online speculation that he and Chace Crawford are more than friends. JC Chasez called in to two separate radio shows this morning and both wanted to know about the Chace Crawford rumors. Some highlights from the interviews: DJ: So are you gay? JC Chasez answers the gay question on morning radio show. the rumors are that you and Chace Crawford are like gay lovers, but I think that you're just really good.

Super hunky Chase Crawford has certainly made a chace crawford bisexual jc chasez for himself over the last several years. As per usual, there are also casting agent porno that swirl about his private life and whether or not he happens to be gay. There are many reasons why people currently ask questions about his sexual orientation but there are seven particular ones that seem to stand out the most. Prior to making it big, Ed Westwick and Crawford were just two struggling actors who also happened to be roommates. Westwick and Crawford lived together in Chelsea, New York, which is an area known for its large gay community.
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Chace crawford bisexual jc chasez
Chace crawford bisexual jc chasez
Chace crawford bisexual jc chasez

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