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Handcuff and chain sex

"james fucked her good"

Handcuff your wrists together in front of you, so you can still reach down and play with your clit as your partner thrusts into you. Handcuff your wrists together in back of you, so your partner can grab the chain and control your arms during Doggie Style. Move handcuff and chain sex of the bedroom. Or handcuff your partner to a low-hanging tree branch and have sex in the park. Handcuff your partner to a sturdy chair, and then do a striptease for him from across the room. Instead of handcuffing your wrists together, have your partner handcuff you to the bedpost. Hold off on having sex, and use the handcuffs as handcuff and chain sex.
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Zulkizragore | 23.11.2018
so creaMY xD
Shaktidal | 01.12.2018
18:40 ? :3
Mubei | 11.12.2018
Isn't this human trafficking?
Handcuff and chain sex
Handcuff and chain sex
Handcuff and chain sex

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