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Can you get pregnant without a condom


Apr 26,  · Yes. Intercourse without a condom, or any other contraception, is unprotected sex. Depending on where you are in your cycle, there is about a 20 percent chance of getting pregnant from intercourse without a drshirleyandsteve.coms: Jul 18,  · Answers. If you are scared of becoming pregnant, I would use both the condom AND spermicide AND the pill before even considering any sex. It will make the experience more enjoyable. I've known people who have been on the pill and who have become pregnant. It happens. There is always the chance of drshirleyandsteve.com: Open. Oct 20,  · Take hormonal birth control pills. If you are a woman seeking to prevent pregnancy without using a condom, one of the most common options is to take hormonal birth control pills. These are available from your family doctor; the pills are composed of either a blend of estrogen and progesterone, or just progesterone%().

If you are not getting pregnant despite having sex can you get pregnant without a condom a condom, there are several factors that might be the cause. On the other hand, if you choose not to use a condom but want to avoid pregnancy, learn about what you can do to protect yourself. Consider the following possible factors that could explain why you are not conceiving although you are not using a condom. Timing of sex is almost everything when it comes to fertilizing an egg each menstrual cycle. Can you get pregnant without a condom you don't have intercourse when you are most fertile in your cycle, you have little or no chance of conceiving. For women with the average day cycles, and ovulation on day 14, the fertile window is around days nine to fourteen.
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Can you get pregnant without a condom
Can you get pregnant without a condom
Can you get pregnant without a condom

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