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Arguments for against gay marriage

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Top 10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal | Top Contrary to the pro gay marriage argument that some different-sex couples cannot have children or don't want them, even in those cases there is still the potential to produce children. and transgender) activist collective Against Equality states that "Gay marriage apes hetero privilege [and] increases economic inequality by perpetuating. The 3 Arguments Against Gay Marriage That May Decide It Once and for All. If was the year of gay marriage momentum in American states, is shaping up to be the year of federal action. One of the most commonly employed anti–gay marriage arguments is that of “responsible procreation.”.

Both in the U. Accordingly, more and more people are starting to acknowledge the flawed nature of all arguments which oppose the legalization of same-sex marriage. This article discusses 10 of the most common positions presented by opponents of marriage equality and arguments for against gay marriage why each deserves a arguments for against gay marriage grade. The most basic argument presented by gay marriage opponents purports that marriage between two people of the same sex is "not natural" and is in violation of the "natural order. In reality, marriage is a societal institution. The natural world didn't create marriage, humans did. Nature-themed arguments against gay marriage say little about the societal institution of marriage but reveal a lot about the homophobia and heterosexism of those who present such arguments.
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Arguments for against gay marriage

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