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What is piv sex

"Damn dis nigga doesnt even have the mac ON"

I am trying to help my fellow men understand why women like piv sex in a sex positive way. Guys have a hard time understanding why women enjoy penetration. And some more insecure men freak out about not making women orgasm. Please help sort this out for us. Examples: PIV sex is the only type of sex that, when practiced by heterosexuals, carries a significant risk of pregnancy. However, almost all forms of sex, including PIV sex, can put participants at risk of STDs. PIV is portrayed as the main way to have sex in books and movies because men enjoy it. Women’s enjoyment is either ignored, or movies show a higher percentage of women liking PIV than do in real life.

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Nijinn | 21.11.2018
Look me . i love you . brutta troia !
Gogor | 25.11.2018
o ile obrzydza mnie kiedy czarny rucha białą to akurat tu musze przyznać że nawet spoko chociaż nie wiem jakim trzeba być popierdoleńcem żeby oddać żonę komuś innemu tym bardziej czarnemu
What is piv sex
What is piv sex
What is piv sex

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