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Ejaculation and no sperm

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This is known as retrograde ejaculation and is most often a consequence of medical procedures, particularly some prostate surgeries. It can also be caused by certain medications and health conditions. Repeated orgasms use up all of the body's fresh semen and sperm. As a result, an orgasm that occurs after repeated orgasms might be dry. This. In fact, it's a dangerous assumption – since there could easily be some sperm around, even though there's no visible fluid. When dry orgasms are due to retrograde ejaculation, it's quite. Recently my wife and I noticed that there was no semen coming from the penis during climax-nothing at the time of ejaculation. Can y No Semen During Orgasm? Jay Motola, M.D. Health Professional.

Medically reviewed on May 15, Ejaculation is the ejection of semen out of the urethra passageway inside the penis when a man has an orgasm. Under normal circumstances, ejaculation ejaculation and no sperm semen forward through a man's urethra and out the tip of his penis. This is because a tiny sphincter circular muscle at the entrance to the bladder shuts the opening to the bladder and prevents semen from entering. Retrograde ejaculation is when the semen travels backwards into the bladder.
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Ejaculation and no sperm

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